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HealthCare Contacts

With your health insurance, you are entitled to visit doctors and dentists in Brno.


If you have a specific problem and require to see a specialist it is recommended, to first visit a general practitioner, who will examine you and then, if necessary, arrange for you to see a specialist.


Unless it's urgent, we recommend making an appointment in advance on the phone or online.


Don't forget to take your insurance card, number or any document proving you have health insurance.

Medical Services Website - Brno Expat Center: 

The website created by the Brno Expat Center gives extensive information about Medical Services in Brno. 

It lists general practitioners, dentists and specialty doctors as well as describing the process of accessing medical care in Brno.

Emergency Contacts:

If you are faced with an urgent need for medical attention at a time when doctors’ offices are not open, you should seek medical attention at one of the following places:

General Emergency - University Hospital Bohunice, Fakultní nemocnice Brno-Bohunice 

Jihlavská 20

phone: +420 532 231 111

Opening hours: Mon– Sun: nonstop

Dental Emergency + General Emergency - Trauma Hospital Brno

Úrazová nemocnice v Brně, Ponávka 6

phone: +420 545 538 111

Gynecological Emergency  Maternal Hospital (Gynekologicko-porodnická ambulance)

Jihlavská 20

phone: +420 532 238 236


Opening hours: Mon– Sun: nonstop


Gynecological Emergency - University Maternal Hospital (Fakultní nemocnice Brno - porodnice)

Obilní trh 11

phone: +420 532 233 843


Mental HEalth Emergency - University Hospital Bohunice, Fakultní nemocnice Brno-Bohunice 

Psychiatrická klinika LF MU a FN Brno

Building G

Jihlavská 20

625 00 Brno


Mental Health Support: 

Our MIMSA Welfare Team has created an extensive page informing about Mental Health Support in Brno. 



If you need to talk, you can reach us now via instagram: @welfare.mimsa - Send us a dm and we will answer you as soon as possible. If you need anonymity, you can make a fake instagram account. If not, remember that in any case whatever you tell us is strictly confidential.


Masaryk University Support Centre for Students with Special Needs

Šumavská 15

phone: +420 549 49 1105, +420 732 873 082



If you are a European student: Take your Insurance Card (from your country) (in the back of the card should be the European international insurance number) and go to:

Pojišťovna VZP
Benešova 696, 602 00 Brno-střed
First floor

You have to bring your ISIC card and proof of studies. You will get a Czech insurance number. With this number, it will be easier to visit the hospital or any other doctor. It’s worth noting that most therapists work privately and will therefore still require payment for services.

If you are a non-European student: Take your Czech Insurance Card with you when you see a doctor. 

If you have any questions concerning medical care in Brno feel free to contact us

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