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Charity Team 2024

Welcome to MIMSA’s Charity Website  

This year’s team includes Lucia, Carolina, Assir and Kashaun!

Here you can find all information regarding our events and charitable opportunities around Brno.

Don’t hesitate to contact any of us if you have any questions/inquiries.

Meet the Charity Team

Support Ukraine

Ukraine Help.png

1) Donation links to trusted organisations supporting Ukraine:

2) The UN Refugee Agency - Help Ukraine:

3) Humanitarian Aid for Ukraine:


4) Support organised by Masaryk University - Brno: MUNI Pomaha

Charities We are Supporting in 2023



Smaci is a charity based in the Czech Republic aiming to support patients with spinal muscular atrophy. SMA is a disease of the motor neuron, that is responsible for conscious muscle movements such as running, head movements, and swallowing. Smaci contributes to ensuring quality of life, care, support, and effective treatment of patients with SMA. At present, the organization brings together more than 100 patients with this disease in the Czech Republic, together with their family members as well as others interested in SMA. 

Check out their website for more information:

Surgeon-David-Nott-teaching-surgeons-in-Misrata-Libya-2-scaled Kopie.jpg

David Nott foundation 

The David Nott Foundation provide surgeons and medical professionals working in conflict zones and austere environments with the skills and the confidence to save more lives.


Through hands-on training programs they have equipped local healthcare providers with critical skills tailored to the challenges facing regions like Ukraine, Yemen and Syria.

Check out their website for more information:

Medici na ulice (MNU)

Medici na ulice (MNU) is an association of medical students that aims its activities at supporting homeless people. They have been operating as a registered association since 2020.


Students together with social workers from other organizations, ensure the continuous operation of clinics. They go out into the field and focus on providing basic treatment of acute or chronic wounds, health consultations or efforts to organize the necessary care.


The work of MNU is primarily based on non-judgmental acceptance and empathy. The effort is placed on bringing hope, dignity, a sense of equality and often only in the second place on treatment.


The financing of the project is primarily provided by donations from voluntary donors or charity collections.


Charity Events


Our Bake Sale was a great success, we made 31000 czk for our associations! 

Thank you to all the participants!

Kitchen competition

Charity team 2023 has been a pioneer doing a Cooking competition! It was a beautiful event full of different nationalities and cultures. Everyone enjoyed this nice evening! 

And the winner was... BANGLADESH! 



Clothes Donation

Donation of Clothes & Textiles



They accept clothes that can still be worn, home textiles (sheets, curtains), paired shoes, handbags, etc.


  • List of 20 containers around Brno provided by Bazaar-Baltazar Charity of Diecezni Charita Brno (DCHB):

  • Map of containers around Brno provided by Klok.tex supporting sustainable development projects and waste prevention. Also accepts children’s items:

Containers for donating clothes and textiles - Wrap your used and unwanted textiles and place them in special containers located around Brno.

Donate Textiles To local Charities 

Visit Baltazar’s central warehouse in Rosicka 1, near Brno Dolni Nadrazi railway station, behind Zvonarka bus station to donate textiles directly to the Bazaar-Baltazar Charity Office. Check their opening hours and info on types of textiles here:


Visit Nadace Veronica shops that focus on protecting the environment. Contact them or visit them and they will lead you on how to donate clothes at their stores located in Panska 9, Pekarska 38, Palackeho 25, and Svazna 16 to donate clothes, books, jewelry, accessories, toys, etc.:


Visit Suplig-dobrocinny obchudek, located at Cihlarska 1 to donate textiles and unneeded things.This organization supports the Human Rights League by selling clothes, accessories, jewelry, etc.:

BLOOD DOnation

There is a constant need for a regular supply of blood because it can be stored only for a limited period of time before use. Thus, a regular supply by healthy individuals is needed to ensure there is the right blood available for patients who need it.

How to donate blood in Brno?

  • Location: Pavilion I 2, entrance from Netroufalky street (bus stop Nemocnice Bohunice)

  • When: Mon-Fri 6:30-13:00

  • How: If you want to donate your blood for the first time, contact the following number and make an appointment.

    • 800 900 097 or 532 233 607 (6:30-14:00)

For more information, check the websites below! (CZ) (EN)

Untitled design.png

Volunteer opportunities in Brno

Untitled design-2.png
Untitled design-2.png

Ever wanted to feel more included in the Brno community, aside from medical school ? A great way to get involved with locals and integrated into society, especially when moving to a foreign country, is by volunteering at local charities. Here, we list some volunteering opportunities that you can easily contact and help at in your spare time.


Don’t speak Czech? No need to worry, all of the activities listed below are available for non-Czech speakers.

IQ roma servis

Independent association which specializes in helping the Romanies and building friendly relationships between the Roma and other people.

A link:

  • Contact: Zuzana Scott – coordinator, +420 730 519 453,

  • Volunteering activities:

    1. Language teaching

    2. Help with a one-day activity - help to organize an activity, cleanups etc.

Diecézní charita Brno

DCHB is a non-profit church organisation

A link:

  • Contacts: Tereza Veselá – coordinator, +420 730 578 754,

  • Volunteering activities:

    1. Manual work – garden work (mowing the lawn, clean-up of a pond) by the retirement home and a shelter. Clean-up of the rooms – taking the boxes, tidying the donation boxes.


ADRA Brno Volunteer Centre for senior citizens living on their own/ in retirement homes. They offer communication in English, German, Spanish or French. You can easily contact them on their website by choosing ‘Get involved with volunteering’ and then choosing the corresponding Brno branch.

A link:

  • Contact: Kateřina Havránková – coordinator, +420 733 598 494,

  • Volunteering activities

    1. Spend an afternoon with a team of our volunteers – Help with gardening, cleaning or organising activities for clients in retirement homes.

    2. Bake something! – Do you enjoy baking and cooking? Help to prepare a delicious surprise for seniors and caregivers.

Trash Hero Brno

A non-profit organization organising regular clean-up hauls. Very English friendly with many foreigners and many student volunteers present.

A link:

Mimsa Bank Details 

If you want to make a financial donation to any of the charities MIMSA has partnered up with for 2022 you can do so by using our KB bank account.

Please state clearly in the reference which charity you are making the donation for! 

Czech Bank Details

Name: Masarykova Mezinarodni Lekarska Asociace

Account Number: 123-6308970297/0100

International Bank Details

Name: Masarykova Mezinarodni Lekarska Asociace

IBAN: CZ20 0100 0001 2363 0897 0297


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