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Hello and welcome to MIMSA! Masaryk International Medical Students Association is a non-profit organisation run for students by students and is the official representative of Masaryk University - Faculty of Medicine. International students who study on the General Medicine, Dentistry and Physiotherapy programmes are all introduced to MIMSA during their enrolment. Our main purpose is to create a bridge between students and the faculty, as well as other student organisations in the city.


We cater for approximately 700 students across the aforementioned degree programmes. We are proud to have excellent relations with our Deans' office, international study department, instructors in all teaching departments, doctors worldwide and with our own alumni.


We exist to provide the much-needed support for incoming students and aim to boost their physical, social and academic well-being. Our Orientation Week is designed to provide incoming students with a flavour of student life in Brno and to educate them in the subjects they will begin in their first semester.


The international students are also passionate about giving back to the local community via charitable events. A local charity is chosen each year and events are organised during “Charity Week” to raise funds to donate.

The departments within MIMSA organise a whole host of academic and social events to appeal to all students. Cardholders are able to access deals and discounts offered by our partners in addition to discounts on our social events. On behalf of the 2019-20 board, I would like to extend a warm welcome to all of our members and non-members alike - we look forward to seeing you at our events!

Best wishes,

Deelan Vadher

MIMSA President 2019-20


What is MIMSA?

Masaryk International Medical Student Association (MIMSA) is the official representative of the international medical students studying at Masaryk University. We currently represent around 700 international students of General Medicine, Dentistry, Physiotherapy and the Pre-Med programme.

Our purpose is to create a bridge between the students, the Faculty’s Administrative Board, Spolek Mediků Brno, the ISC (International Students Club), IFMSA (International Federation of Medical Students Association) and other local and international organisations, in order to facilitate your stay in the Czech Republic.

We work to provide students with the most adequate study materials and educational events - supporting our student body in any way we can. Making sure that our students are also able to relax from the stresses of university life are achieved by organising social gatherings and sporting events – allowing students to connect, meet new people and get some exercise.



Do you have a specific question for the team?

President & Vice President: mimsa.president@gmail.com

Secretary + Treasurer: mimsa.treasurer@gmail.com

Education Team: mimsaedu@gmail.com

Social Team: mimsa.social@gmail.com

Charity & Welfare: mimsa.charity@gmail.com

Public relations: mimsa.pr@gmail.com

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